...And The Black Feathers
...And The Black Feathers
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...And The Black Feathers
New Full Length "Pink Black And Bruised"
Open Air CPR's 12th Favorite Colorado Album of 2014
"The grittiness of Howlin’ Wolf meets the catchy hooks of The Strokes with a flare of seventies punk rock..."

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Midwest Tour

If you missed our live TV performance, you can watch it on demand at Denver Loft Sessions anytime. In other news, we've been putting together a midwest jaunt that will include a show in Wichita with our good friends Vehicles and a stop at the 10th Annual Norman Music Festival. We're getting excited and you should too! Still looking for another date somewhere on 4/27. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Denver Loft Sessions

Happiest of New Years to all! We had a blast opening up for Cowboy Mouth at the Bluebird in December. Thanks to all the locals who came out and partied for us. In other news, tune your dials to Denver Channel 8 for a live performance from yours truly on Denver Loft Sessions on Friday February 3 at 8PM MST. Plenty of replay opportunity too, or you can watch it on the Internet if that's more your bag. Had a great time playing inside our Capitol building's studios and we played a lot of new favorites that'll be featured on the quick release we're currently recording. Stay tuned!



We're excited to announce that we're going to be opening up for Cowboy Mouth at the Bluebird Theater on December 9th. If you only see one And The Black Feathers show this December... it'll be this one, because it's the last one for the year. Come party with us! Get your tickets here.


Black Shirt Brewing Co

Our friends at Black Shirt Brewing Co celebrated their 4th Anniversary this weekend! To commemorate the occassion, they invited us and R.L. Cole to play some rock and roll ping pong and entertain the enthusiast crowd. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we stood on things we probably weren't supposed to stand on. And we welcomed Zach to the stage to play some keys with us for the first time. We're going to take a quick break and be back with some new recordings in the very near future.


Uptown Block Party

Sometimes you turn down an alleyway and you are face to face with dapper dressed fellas playing some infectious rock n roll. Thanks to The District for putting this shindig on, and to Hot Apostles for sharing the stage.


Sparkle Jetts CD Release

Those in attendance know, but for the rest of you, the Sparkle Jetts CD Release show was quite the experience. We got to hear Bowie's Young Americans combined with Arlo's unparalleled stage strutting. It was a sight to behold. Some other gentlemen in ties played too.


Times A-Changing

It's been a hot minute since we've given a full update. But there's been a LOT going on in the And The Black Feathers world. First and foremost, we have amicably parted ways with our drummer, Tony Corona, and wish him the best. For any very lucky Kansans who happen to be at Kirby's Beer Store tonight, we'll be unveiling our first full set with our new drummer, Will. We've got some old songs and some brand spanking new ones too! We'll also be performing at the Norman Music Festival in Norman, OK on Saturday April 23rd at 4:30pm at the Red Brick Bar. This is going to be a great one, because the festival also features The Coathangers, Cloud Nothings, and Skating Polly.
After this quick jaunt to the midwest, we're working on even more new material to showcase at this year's Capitol Hill People's Fair in Denver on June 6! We're wildly excited to be playing the main stage at this great local event! Stay tuned for more exciting news as it rolls out.


Midwest Tour 2015!

The boys in black and pink are gearing up to hit the road in October. We'll be hitting Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. We're still looking to fill a couple of dates too: October 15th in the Kansas City area and October 17th around Omaha. If there's anyone out there looking for a rocking good evening, we'd be happy to oblige. Shoot us an email! Pretty please.


Higher Ground Music Festival Aug 22

We're gonna be performing at the Higher Ground Music Festival on Saturday August 22. We'll be going on at the Punching Mule Stage at about 2:30. Also, we've got discounted tickets for the full festival (Thursday through Saturday) for just $20. Shoot us a message or flag us down on the street!



It was the best of times yesterday at Illegal Pete's South Broadway. You guys made our day! Thanks for getting the burrito line dancing! Big props to Dead Pay Rent, Cougar Gold, PrettyMouth, Dead Orchids, SPELLS, Hot Apostles, and The Patient Zeros for making Sunday at The Underground Music Showcase unforgettable.



Guys! Girls! Everybody! Look for us at Illegal Pete's on Sunday as we bring our black and pink to the stage at 6:00 sharp! Also, make sure you check out Patient Zeroes and Hot Apostles after us at Brendan's.


Bluebird District Music Festival

We had an awesome time rocking the first annual Bluebird District Music Festival. Sure it won't be the last time we do that. Big thanks to Robb Dogg, Tony Mason, and Goosetown Tavern for putting together a spectacular lineup!


Hi-Dive on March 10th

Ladies and gents, we're gonna be sharing the stage with 60's garage rock legends The Sloths on a hot sweaty Tuesday! We're really excited about this one. This band is back with a new record after 50 years! It'll be a rip-roaring good time, with The Good Gracious and yours truly.


3 Kings Dance Party

Adoring fans, aspiring dancers, and crazy drunks storm the stage at 3 Kings for a piece of the sweaty shout-y action. There were no survivors.


Open Air CPR's Best of 2014

Hey! You might've heard... Open Air just called "pink, black, and bruised" the #12 Colorado release of the year!